For Photographers

Do you love surf photography? Grabbing your camera and shooting surfers across Australia's countless pristine beaches?

SURFINFOCUS is designed to help turn your passion into a career, enabling you to harness your passion, and creating a sustainable platform for you to connect with surfers and sell your images.

How does it work? Well that's simple:

  1. Register your account with us on this website
  2. Submit 10 images to be reviewed
  3. Once accepted, start uploading your sessions
  4. Make some money!


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For Surfers

So you've gone for a surf, it was epic! You know you looked like a pro - if only someone had been at the beach shooting you!

Its often hard to know if a photographer is on the beach at the time of a great session. SURFINFOCUS aims to bridge the gap between you and your local surf photographer. If you have had a great surf, jump online and see if one of our members have captured your session.

What do you need to do?

  1. Head out for an epic surf
  2. Jump online at
  3. Browse to or search for your break
  4. Find images of you
  5. Purchase them for instant download!
  6. Join to add your favourite surf locations and receive an alert when a photographer has shot at one of your surf spots.

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