About Surf In Focus

I think one of best things about surfing is sharing a great session with your mates, then, sitting around afterwards reliving all your best waves and worst wipe-outs.

The feeling of a great session can stay with you for weeks, but the memories do fade. I have always thought how great it would be to have a photo of all my most memorable sessions, but until a mate took up photography, I never had the opportunity to get one.

This is why I’ve created SURFINFOCUS.

I hope that by creating a common platform it will make it easier for everyone to connect, Surfers get the opportunity to purchase their photos which allows Photographers to keep doing what they love.

SURFINFOCUS is about our shared passion for surfing; great waves, awesome shots and our community.

- Brett Brown, founder.
Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia

For Photographers

Do you love surf photography? Grabbing your camera and shooting surfers across Australia's countless pristine beaches?

SURFINFOCUS is designed to help turn your passion into a career, enabling you to harness your passion, and creating a sustainable platform for you to connect with surfers and sell your images.

How does it work? Well that's simple:

  1. Register your account with us on this website
  2. Submit 10 images to be reviewed
  3. Once accepted, pay your yearly membership fee
  4. Start uploading your sessions
  5. Make some money!

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For Surfers

So you've gone for a surf, it was epic! You know you looked like a pro - if only someone had been at the beach shooting you!

Keep your eye out for a SURFINFOCUS photographer on your local beach! If you see one there, you know that you'll be able to jump online and grab a few shots of you carving up to show the world!

What do you need to do?

  1. Head out for an epic surf
  2. Jump online at www.surfinfocus.com.au
  3. Browse to or search for your break
  4. Find images of you
  5. Purchase them for instant download!

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Sign up now as a photographer!

SURFINFOCUS provide the systems, support and marketing needed to help you sell your awesome surf images. As a SIF photographer, you will receive:

  • Custom built e-commerce platform enabling you to upload and sell your work, hassle free!
  • Online and on-the-ground marketing activities and support, promoting your work to surfers in your area.
  • Support to help you grow! We are only as successful as you are, so we are here to help you grow your surf photography skills and business.

There are three options for becoming a SURFINFOCUS Photographer:

Free membership


No worries, we’ve all been there!

Get started on the free membership plan! No monthly fee and receive 50% commission on all images that you sell! We help you make the most of your time out shooting by connecting you with the surf community.

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Community membership


Community benefits & more dough!

With a low monthly fee of $40, receive special SIF Community benefits and increase your commission to 70%!!
Save by paying bi-annually ($180) or annually ($300)

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Brand Ambassador


With mugs like ours, we need some help!

Are you a professional photographer with a proven history and fantastic following?
SIF is another platform for you to connect with a larger audience. Get 90% commission on your sales for representing Surf In Focus!

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